如果你是苹果用户,那么 Mac 和 iPhone 中的图标可谓早已司空见惯,但是你知道这些图标中隐藏的秘密么?这些看过之后就被忽略的东西,却在细节之中体现了科技产品中蕴含的人性和趣味。

iPhone、iPod Touch、iPad 图标


The map on the iPhone Maps icon? It’s Apple’s home address. Number 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino. The address itself is an in-joke amongst programmers, describing a never-ending loop of code, and also describes the circular road Apple’s campus is built upon. You can see that circular road, and Interstate 280 which flies right by it, in all their glory within the Maps icon, along with a pin to indicate Apple’s front door.

红色的大头针标注的是苹果在加州 Cupertino 的总部:Number 1 Infinite Loop。这个地址是苹果编程员的一个内部笑话,含义是永无休止的循环代码。

iPod Artists

Dive in to the iPhone or iPod touch’s iPod function and cast your eyes toward the bottom of the screen. There you’ll see an Artists option, illustrated as all good bands are, by a man screaming his lungs out at a microphone. But look closer. Does the silhouette look familiar? It should do to U2 fans, since it’s lead singer, and some-time Apple collaborator, Bono.

打开 iPod 的音乐,菜单中 Artists 的标签是某位艺术家的侧身像,谁呢?Bono,U2 的主唱。

iBook Browser

Fire up your iPhone, iPod or iPad for that matter and dive into iBooks. Take a look inside the iBooks Store and glance down at the Browse icon. Whose glasses are those? They look awfully like those of Apple founder, CEO and interface-tweaker-in-chief, Steve Jobs. It seems the Podfather is also a bit of a bookworm.

打开 iBooks Store,看 Browse 图标,是不是一副眼镜?仔细看看,像乔布斯戴的那副,还是哈利波特戴的那副呢?

Mac 图标


The Apple Textedit icon is itself a work of literary genius. Open it in full and you’ll see a speech written across the surface of its virtual notepad. It’s an an extract of the monologue from Apple’s Crazy Ones advert, and is signed by John Appleseed, a name Apple often uses as a placeholder for names in its address books.

如果你用过 iPhone ,在设置邮件的时候,会发现输入姓名的地方显示的范例名字是 John Appleseed。这个名字历史很久,是苹果图标中最早的彩蛋之一。Mac OS 中的 Text Edit 图标便是署名 John Appleseed 的一篇文稿。文稿内容是苹果 1997 到 2002 年间著名的"Think Different" 广告大战中演讲词的一部分。苹果经常用 AppleSeed 作为通讯录的占位符。


There’s some more Apple wordplay at work on the cover of the dictionary featured in the Apple Dictionary icon. The words “Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet Etiam” are clearly seen when the icon is viewed at full size. That’s latin for “Hello world! Etcetera”… well, it’s all up for debate. Have a look at the comments section below and join the debate!

此程序的图标是本厚厚的字典。封面下部有一行小字:Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet Etiam 。这是一段毫无意义的拉丁文,设计师和编辑们将此作为测试排版的占位文字已经多年。

Disk Utility

将图标扩展为 512×512 像素之后,会发现上面写着一句话 "小心轻放硬盘,以免损坏电路板,确保正确接地"。


It’s so small, and semi-transparent, it’s almost invisible. But the Mac Mail icon which sits in the dock of every Mac holds a postmark labeling its origin as Cupertino, California. Of course, that’s the home of Apple. Logical, yes. Obvious? Not at all. There’s even a friendly little “Hello from Cupertino” message baked into the icon. Neat touch, no?

邮件的图标是一个邮票,而邮戳的文字是 "Hello from Cupertino,CA"。Cupertino,CA 正是苹果的总部所在地。


If you put the icon for Apple’s iCal calendar app into the OS X dock, you’ll see it shows today’s date. However, look it up in the Applications folder and you’ll see its default setting: July 17. That’s the day Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced it in front of crowds at the Macworld Expo 2002.

iCal 的图标显示的日期是 7 月 17 日。这是因为苹果发布 iCal 是在 2002 年 7 月 17 日的 MacWorld Expo 大会。


12374218.75 这个数字,多年以来人们一直在猜测它的含义,目前仍没有准确的解释。

iTunes 9

Apple replaced the iTunes icon with a solid blue bauble in its latest incarnation, but previous iterations featured a musical note resting on a shining silver CD. Open up the full size icon file and you’d see that image of a CD was precise down to the finest detail: laser etched on its inside edge were the words “iTunes 7” and “Apple 2006”.

据说这个图标上有隐藏句子,是白色文字,写在浅灰色光盘之上,内容是 "Apple 2006 iTunes 7″。


If you’ve splashed out on Apple’s imaging and photography application Aperture, you’ll be able to gawp at its icon, featuring a lens which is “Designed by Apple in California” and reading “50mm 1:1.4” Those Apple designers are nothing if not fastidious in their attention to detail, and by crikey, that’s a lovely looking lens they’ve created.

镜头上文字是 "Designed by Apple in California" 和 "50mm 1:1.4",不是 L 头啊,1:1.2L 才够给力啊。

Keynote 2008

Apple’s presentation application forms part of iWork, but while that might seem dry and uninspiring check out the icon for it. There’s a lectern, and a Q4 2008 report… but on that report are written the lyrics from the musical Spring Awakening. Who says business can’t also have a hint of showbiz glitz? The significance of Spring Awakening isn’t known.

一个台灯, 演讲台上放着一份 Q4 2008 报告。报告上的文字是音乐剧 Spring Awaking 中的歌词。

Console 10.5.6

An error message Apple meant to appear? That’s what’s on the icon for Mac OS X’s console. The app is designed to show what the Mac’s been up to behind the scenes. That includes errors, but that is the Error AY7:36 shown on the icon? So far our research has come to nothing. Do you know?

"WARNING: AY 7:36"。 谁知道是什么意思么?

Font Book

Apple’s computers have long been a favourite of writers, designers and editors of every persuasion. The Font Book app is, therefore, an often used part of OS X. Its icon, however, holds a neat in-joke. The letters used to make it are A, F and K. In internet-speak, AFK stands for Away From Keyboard.

图标中的三个字母是 A,F,K。在网络缩略词中,意思是 Away From Keyboard(远离键盘)。


The Stickies app isn’t particularly obvious, but its icon easter egg certainly is. The phone number 555-7361 and the name Lou can clearly be seen scribbled on its logo. Those who watch a lot of films or TV might recognise that 555 area code, it’s reserved for fictional mentions, so don’t go dialing it now, will you?

便签的图标上除了有鸡蛋和牛奶之外,还记录着 Lou 的电话号码 555-7361。在美剧和电影中,555 是经常出现的一个区号,一个专门为虚拟世界保留的区号。当然,也有可能这号码是来自安徽马鞍山的娄知县的,这事得问燕小六。

Interface Builder

What sort of pencils do Apple designers use? Open up the icon for the Apple Interface Builder, a tool used by programmers to create the screens you see on iPhone and iPad apps, and take a squiz. There’s a drawing of a pencil, a set square and a paintbrush. The pencil is helpfully labelled as a “no 2 graphite pencil with eraser”. Heading to the art supplies shop yet?

iPhone 和 iPad 简洁美观的界面我们都很熟悉了,但是你知道苹果的设计师们使用的是什么样的铅笔和工具来绘制这些界面吗?Interface Builder 的图标上就告诉了我们答案:画板上及上面画的带橡皮的 2 号铅笔、画笔、直尺。

Photo Booth

We’re hearing that the woman pictured in the photos within Photo Booth’s icon are the developer of the app. Although we can’t confirm that, even after a lot of fruitless Googling. Can you identify her? Either way, finding actual photos inside the Photo Booth icon was a nice surprise.

图标中的美女据说就是 Photo Booth 的开发人员,不过 Electricpig 的编辑经过一番搜索之后,也无法确认是真是假。也许可以到 Quora 上去提个问题,说不定美女会亲自来解答这个问题的。

Firmware Update Utility

Check out the icons for Apple’s firmware update utilities and you’ll see there’s a silicon chip indicated on their icons. Open the icon at full size and you can see the chip’s model number. So what, you might say? That chip pops up all over the place, from firmware updates to the Mac System Profiler. The significance of the numbers isn’t clear. Can you crack it? The code is: 810-54-2136-1 RM-NCE-1 6319-415-1239.

这个图标中是一个芯片,上面还写着型号。这个芯片不光出现在固件升级图标中,还出现在 Mac System Profiler 中。芯片的型号是 810-54-2136-1 RM-NCE-1 6319-415-1239,有人知道是什么意思吗?

Windows Computer

Access a networked Windows PC from a Mac and you’ll see a tiny beige monitor next to it. It’s small, nondescript and seems innocent. But dig out the full-size version of that icon and you’ll see the monitor is displaying a “blue screen of death” error message, a sly poke at Windows perceived unreliability by Apple designers.

使用 Mac 电脑访问网络上的 Windows 电脑是就会出现这个小 CRT 显示器的图标。这个图我们传统的 Windows 用户太熟悉了,看来苹果公司的设计师们也很了解 Windows 电脑的精髓:蓝屏。我说你们也太坏啦~

Apple Java

Java isn’t owned by Apple, but there’s an app included with OS X to run Java code. It was made by Apple designers, so obviously includes some creative flourish. On first look it’s a simple coffee cup resting on a napkin. Nothing unusual there, just a play on words around the Java name. But fire up the full size icon, and you’ll see the napkin has a doodling on it. That doodling is genuine Java code. Now that’s attention to detail.

这是苹果公司在系统中内置的运行 Java 代码的程序。这图标所表现的大概就是一名程序员的生活状态,喝杯咖啡还要在纸巾上写上两句 Java 的代码。这得多大的瘾啊~




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