What is the Preferred Operating Systems of Designers?设计者更喜欢什么操作系统

The ever-changing culture of web design has grown into a wild array of sub-standards. Over 20 years now designers from all over the world have contributed their brilliant ideas to the World Wide Web. Software is often an afterthought from the consumer’s end, but when you’re at the front lines this topic is very important.


In the realm of Operating Systems it breaks down into 3 core groups: Windows, Mac OS X, and various Linux packages. For the sake of this article we’ll be focusing on Windows and Mac implementations. That’s not to say Linux (especially Ubuntu) can’t be used for graphics and web design – but it’s certainly not within the majority of market shares as its two rivals.

在操作系统领域,有三种系统是应用的比较多的:Windows系统、Mac OS X系统以及各种Linux发行版。对于本文,我们将专注于讨论Windows系统和Mac系统的应用。这并不是说Linux系统(尤其是Ubuntu系 统)不能用在图形和网页设计中。只是因为和Windows系统和Mac系统比起来,它只占操作系统市场份额的很小一部分。

Easy User Experience舒适的用户体验

Both Microsoft and Apple have released astounding advancements into their latest Operating Systems. Windows 7 boasts an incredible new taskbar and updates on many of the UI elements where Vista failed miserably. Similarly Mac OS X Snow Leopard has exposed Apple’s soft creative underbelly.

微软和苹果公司都在他们最新的操作系统中应用了它们令人吃惊的先进技术。Windows 7系统具有令人难以置信的、全新的任务栏,很多UI元素也得到了更新,这一点是Vista系统望尘莫及的。类似地,Mac OS X Snow Leopard系统也毫无疑问地展示出了苹果公司软件的创造力。

With this latest version we see client support for tasks such as exposé. This feature is a refined view control offering thumbnails for photos and video files within explorer. Also some great additions to system processes to increase bootup and shut-down speeds!


As both companies have so much to offer their userbase you may understand how deep this rivalry goes. When polling from various forums about personal choice in Operating System the results are, for the most part, unpredictable. Everything comes down to personal choice.


Generally if a digital artist grew up using Windows XP he may find Windows 7 a more comfortable transition. This isn’t always the case since many artists break out into OS X and find the controls much more suitable.

一般来说,如果一个数字艺术家是使用Windows XP系统长大的,他们可能会发现Windows 7将是一个更舒适的(操作系统)发展方向。事实并非总是如此,因为很多艺术家会转而使用OS X系统并且发现该系统的控制功能更加方便。

Tasks and Required Software任务和所需软件

When examining into such a dualism we must look at the potential work environment, even past the Operating System. What software is going to be required to get your work done?


Mac OS X and Windows 7 do support most of the same core software suites. Although there are plenty of differences between just for Mac and PC only software, the digital age is versatile. For designers and illustrators the Adobe Creative Suite will prove the most useful item in their toolbox. Software is available for both OS choices and includes such popular items as Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, Flash, and After Effects.

尽管针对Mac和PC机的设计软件存在很大的差别,Mac OS X和Windows 7系统却能支持大部分的、具有相同核心的软件套装。数字化时代中很多东西是通用的。对于设计者和插图画家来说,在他们的工具箱中,他们会发现Adobe Creative Suite是最有用的工具。很多软件对于两种系统来说都是可用的,这包括一些热门的软件:Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, Flash, 以及After Effects。

For Windows there is an alternative application very popular among open-sourcers. GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) has been around for years and runs many of the similiar features as Photoshop.

对于Windows系统,有一种可供选择的应用在开源社区很受欢迎。 GIMP(GNU Image Manipulation Program)已经出现很多年了且具有很多与Photoshop相似的功能。

The work area looks much different and you also don’t have access to the advanced filters from Adobe Labs. However for those on a tight budget GIMP comes with no price tag! It’s perfect for creating small graphics and resizing photos for the web.

工作区看起来很不一样,而且你也没办法从Adobe Labs处获得先进的滤镜。然而对于那些预算很吃紧的人,GIMP是免费的!当在为网页创建小图片和调整图片尺寸时,它将是一个很不错的选择。

The Working Web Developer网页开发工作

Web Design incorporates many aspects behind the curtain. Digital art, icons, graphics, and layout wireframes are all very important aspects. But without any HTML/CSS code you won’t be getting anything live online!


Along with graphics suites Adobe also offers a web developers software IDE(Integrated Development Environment) titled Dreamweaver. You can work on any plaintext file such as HTML, PHP, SQL, CSS, JavaScript, or anything you may think of! Dreamweaver comes bundled with a host of additional features such as page templates, which allow for easy duplication of pages and content.

除了图形套装,Adobe还能为网页开发者提供开发软件IDE——Dreamweaver。你可以用它来编辑任何纯文本文件,包括HTML, PHP, SQL, CSS, JavaScript以及其它你能想出来的任何文件。Dreamweaver还有其它很多功能,如页面模板,该功能使你轻松的重用页面和内容。

Development over both Windows and Mac OS X offer individual packages for Adobe Dreamweaver. The program runs exactly the same in both environments and offers a very stable solution for programming. If you don’t have money to shell out luckily there are plenty of alternatives.

针对Windows 和 Mac OS X系统的开发使Adobe Dreamweaver对每个系统单独提供了软件包。该程序在两种环境下运行情况是一样的,并且为编程提供了一个很稳定的解决方案。如果你没有足够的钱来 支付这些软件包,幸运的是,你还有很多其它的选择余地。

Having previously developed over Mac OS X many web designers I’ve asked have concurredPanic’s Coda is by far the best option for text editing. It includes code highlighting for the most popular languages and offers self-help documentation within the program!

我问过很多在Mac OS X系统下开发过网页的设计者,他们一致同意:迄今为止, Panic’s Coda是进行文本编辑的最佳选择。它具有对最流行编程语言的代码高亮功能,并提供程序内置的帮助文档。

If you’re developing for iOS mobile apps XCode 4 is a much better solution. This has native support for Objective-C and the Cocoa library which is included for all apps at runtime. Apple provides exceptional documentation on the language so it’s brutally simple to comprehend and build something great.

如果你正在为手机操作系统iOS开发应用程序,XCode 4是一个更好的解决方案。它原生支持所有app在运行时都要用到的Objective-C 和Cocoa库。苹果公司为这些语言提供了特有的文档,所以它是非常容易理解的,利用它可以开发出很多伟大的东西。

All Windows Development纯Windows开发

If you’re looking to the simpler side Windows has tons of freeware solutions. All the way from XP to Win7 there are tens of hundreds of open-source projects for code junkies. ProminentlyNotepad++ is widely spoken of from frontend and backend developers alike.

如果你力求简单,在Windows系统下有无数免费的解决方案。从XP到Win7系统的发展过程中有数以万计的、代码迷们可以获得的开源项目。此时,网页前端和后端开发者们都提到了比较好的方案: Notepad++

It’s a free download and comes with some great features you don’t find in other applications. Tabbed browsing for editing multiple documents within a single window, also a library of 50+ languages for syntax highlighting.


If you’re looking for professional options a bit cheaper than Dreamweaver I highly recommendphpDesigner 7 for Windows. Don’t let the name fool you – although the package specializes in PHP it offers code highlighting for all web documents including HTML and JavaScript.

如果你正在寻找比Dreamweaver便宜很多的专业设计方法。我强烈推荐针对Windows的 phpDesigner 7。不要让它的名字欺骗了你。尽管软件包是针对PHP的,但它对所有网页代码文件提供了代码高亮功能,包括HTML和JavaScript语言。

What’s so great about phpDesigner is how integrated the software becomes. You are able to run a local server directly from the application window for testing PHP code. The IDE will also mark read errors with a red “X” at the end of a line of code. This feature is not found in anywhere Dreamweaver and has saved me hours of tirelessly searching and fixing bugs in my programs.

phpDesigner的强大之处在于软件得到了很好的整合。你可以直接通过应用窗口,运用本地服务器对PHP代码进行测试。IDE也会在代码的最 后一行用一个红“X”标记出错误。这种特点在Dreamweaver的任何地方都发现不了,这种功能节省了我很多时间,使我不用再不知疲倦地寻找和修补程 序中的漏洞。


The investigation of digital Operating Systems could also include a comparison of features such as document processing, alternative web browsers, and FTP software. However these are all minor accessories. Truly the choice is yours and comes down to personal opinion and comfort.


If you are more satisfied working on a Macintosh then absolutely stick with it! Generally graphics designers and video editors enjoy the simple controls allowed within the Mac Unix-like OS. At the other end of the spectrum I have found many developers enjoy the freedoms and administrative control in Windows, allowing for easy file manipulation and installation of local web server(s) and databases.

如果你更喜欢用Macintosh工作,那么你完全可以一直用它。一般来说,图形设计者和视频编辑者都喜欢用Mac Unix-like OS系统,因为该系统中很多控制更简单。另一方面,我发现很多开发者喜欢用更自由和有管理员权限控制的Windows系统,它在文件操作和本地网页服务器 和数据库的安装等方面都更方便。



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